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Visual Art Ed COVID-19 Recommendations

Dear Arts Education Stakeholders, 

Many of you have been preparing for the unknown as your school year has begun or will begin soon. KyAEA along with the Kentucky Coalition for Arts Education have been working to assist in making sure that the Arts Remain Essential, and are working on recommendations that might help you and your administrators as we go back to school. On the recommendations page is a flyer that Jane Dewey, Facilitator for KCAE sent entitled, Arts Remain Essential, that you can use to share with others. This flyer will be sent out throughout the state, but feel free to share with anyone you feel would benefit from receiving it. Also, in this communication the recommendation documents for visual art teachers and administrators to assist during COVID-19 are attached. These documents have a DRAFT watermark on them as we are currently waiting for approval from KDE, Public Health and the Governor's office. Remember, these are recommendations that have been written and reviewed by many and they are to assist with a variety of teaching situations.

Language from the Kentucky Coalition for Arts Education to be shared:

School is beginning against the background of a global pandemic and we are facing the challenges of educating and supporting our students in these trying times. The Kentucky Coalition for Arts Education representing thousands of arts educators in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts remind all that the Arts Remain Essential components of a well-rounded education. The attached flyer illustrates how schools and districts can continue providing these important opportunities for all students to benefit from arts education. 

Please share widely and if you belong to an education, arts, civic, or other type of organization we ask that you consider endorsing this document. Please consider sharing this with school and district administrators, boards of education and site-based councils. 

Jane Dewey

Facilitator, Kentucky Coalition for Arts Education


Download PDF • 402KB

Visual Arts Educators KyAEA COVID Recomm
Download • 123KB

Administration KyAEA COVID Recommendatio
Download • 91KB

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