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KyAEA Virtual Summer PD 2020

KyAEA is excited to offer a variety of opportunities for our members to gain insight, support and inspiration as we enter our 2020-21 school year.

This month, virtual ZOOM meetings will be held by both Regional and Divisional Coordinators so that all Kentucky art educators can learn and share their personal experiences from teaching in NTI and what we can do this fall for our students.

Then, as we move into fall we are preparing for our annual KyAEA Conference which will be held in a virtual setting. More information will be coming out about conference in the next few months but we encourage you to consider hosting a virtual workshop or session as you would at our in-person conference. There is still time to submit ideas and we appreciate our members stepping up and being a supportive voice for one another.

Once you've completed one (or both) of your meetings, please complete THIS FORM and you'll be sent a PD certificate to use as evidence of your attendance. Thank you for supporting YOUR Kentucky Art Education Association!


Regional ZOOM Meeting Dates & Links

- Derby Region ZOOM Meeting:July 8th at 11:00am-1:oopm EST & 10:00am-12:00pm CST  Meeting ID: 879 7607 6373 Password: 280396 - Pennyrile Purchase Region ZOOM Meeting: July 8th at 2pm-4pm EST & 1pm-3pm CST  Meeting ID: 883 9992 9165 Password: 648778 - Burley Coal Region ZOOM Meeting: July 9th at 2pm-4pm EST & 1pm-3pm CST Meeting ID: 859 9533 4605 Password: 613337 - Bluegrass Region ZOOM Meeting: July 10th at 1pm-3pm EST & 12pm-2pm CST Meeting ID: 876 6548 2896 Password: 843643 - Caveland Region ZOOM Meeting: July 14th at 2pm-4pm EST & 3pm-5pm CST  Meeting ID: 860 4813 3612 Password: 334273 - Northern Region ZOOM Meeting: July 14th at 7:30pm-9:30pm EST & 6:30pm-8:30pm CST Meeting ID: 873 4137 1119 Password: 991765


Divisional ZOOM Meeting Dates & Links

- Secondary Level Division ZOOM Meeting: July 22nd at 10am-12pm EST & 9am-11am CST Meeting ID: 844 4489 6718 Password: 744097 - Middle Level Division ZOOM Meeting: July 29th at 2pm-4pm EST & 1pm-3pm CST  Meeting ID: 870 0061 8271 Password: 201150 - Elementary Division ZOOM Meeting: July 30th at 4pm-6pm EST & 3pm-5pm CST Meeting ID: 893 2567 2455 Password: 961436 - Higher Education ZOOM Meeting: TBA Meeting ID: 932 5533 6301

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