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2021 Undergraduate & Graduate Conference Opportunities

We would like to encourage preservice students to:

· present at the 2021 KyAEA Conference during the Preservice Division PechaKucha session


· apply for the KyAEA Allan Perkins Scholarship.

Students can present virtually during the "Preservice Division PechaKucha" session on Oct. 22nd. The session is meant to recognize excellence in our pre-service art education community and provide an opportunity for students to present amongst their peers. More information on the session and how to submit a proposal can be found at

Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for the KyAEA Allan Perkins Art Education Scholarship! Through this scholarship, KyAEA honors Allan Perkins' involvement in our organization, and his commitment to and belief in the vital role that art education can play in all lives. More information on the $500 scholarship and application process can be found here.

Please let me know if you have questions about either of these opportunities.

Questions or Concerns? Contact Rebecca Williams

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