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The Prichard Committee's Friday Blog contains a link to a survey about support for HB 37, The Arts Education Equity Act,

It takes seconds to complete!

From the survey, "HB 37 The Arts Education Equity Act would require a certain minimum amount of of standards-based instruction in the visual and performing arts. The arts are critical to students developing the full set of capacities required and expected of students. Clarifying the arts role in school may be necessary to ensure that all students have adequate access to these learning opportunities."

Show your support for The Arts Education Equity Bill!


- Information about amendment which changes the minutes to 100, [BILLWATCH NOTIFICATION] Bill Status ChangeHB 37(BR-203): floor amendment (1) filed to Committee Substitute

Click the link below to look at the Bill Summary.

- It looks like the bill is up for a full house vote tomorrow afternoon.

- Sign up here to get the Prichard Committee Friday Blog,

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