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CALL TO ACTION! Friends of Arts Education in Kentucky Schools

Through a bi-partisian effort in Kentucky’s House of Representatives House Bill 37, The Arts Education Equity Act has passed out of the House Education Committee and is in line for a House floor vote in just a few days! This bill ensures that ALL Kentucky children are provided adequate instructional TIME for quality arts education.

We still need citizens across Kentucky to write to their House member (not senator) and declare that they are in favor of HB 37/HCS 1, because students should be guaranteed instruction in the arts. The citizens should ask their representative to vote in favor of the bill for the benefit of Kentucky's children.

Here is how to follow through:

1. Go here

2. Click on your legislative district

3. On the popup, click the House member's "View bio page."

4. On your House member's bio page, find contact information in the lower right corner--typically first name.last

5. Start your email: "Dear Representative LastName: I live at YourAddress, YourTown, and I am writing to let you know I am in favor of HB37/HCS1, which passed out of the House Education Committee on Tuesday, January 28. I hope that when the bill comes to the House floor you will vote "Yes" on the bill."

Use Your Own Words! Tell Your Own Story! DO THIS NOW as it appears this bill will come to the floor as soon as Tuesday, February 4.

● The Supreme Court ruling that resulted in KERA was about equity in instruction across the Commonwealth. The ruling placed the responsibility for equity in schools into the hands of Kentucky legislators. This bill would re-establish equity in arts instruction and hold schools accountable.

● This is not an unfunded mandate. The funds are already provided through SEEK. Districts and schools, like everyone else, have priorities when establishing their annual budget. This simply makes arts education one of those priorities on which they use to establish a budget. No additional funds would be necessary. For those out of compliance, it would be simply a matter of shifting funds for this purpose.

● The only schools/districts that would be impacted by this are those who are grossly out of compliance with statute which mandates quality arts instruction for all Kentucky students.

● Research clearly tells us that students who engage in the arts are more successful in mastering academic standards across all subjects, are more engaged in school and school work, communicate more effectively, and develop creativity skills.

The Kentucky Coalition for Arts Education consists of representatives from KYAEA, KAPHERD,KMEA, and KTA.

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