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2019 Mini-Grant Information

The Kentucky Art Education Association is happy to offer the opportunity for members to apply for one of three Mini-Grants available for the Spring Semester of 2019. Please use the link below to access the application.

A presentation of the funded project will be required at the KyAEA Fall Conference following the completion of the project. Images, videos, and/or samples of the project are encouraged to provide documentation of efforts. It is understood that funds not used or reported on will be returned to KyAEA.

Applicants must hold a current membership in KyAEA. Approval of proposals will be based on the quality of the proposal. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Number of proposals approved each year will be based on the current financial status of KyAEA; however, we will strive to grant at least 3 mini-grants per year, with a maximum of $250 each.

Here is a breakdown of the Mini-Grant Schedule for each school year: -Mini-Grant applications become available for members: September 1 -Deadline to submit application: December 1 -Notification to award recipients: January 1 -Acceptance of award from recipients: January 5 -Award money mailed to recipients: January 10 -Recipient projects completed through: February - May -Award recipient completes conference presentation proposal about project: June - August -Award recipient conference presentation: October


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