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2018 Conference Keynote Speakers

The Kentucky Art Education Association is happy to present to you our Friday and Saturday Keynote Speakers, Landon Hampton and Jessica Balsley. We are excited for them to share their expertise with us during the fall conference at Campbellsville University!

Landon Hampton

A native of Morgantown, KY, Landon Hampton is a degreed meteorologist. Ask anyone who knows him, and they’ll tell you he’s more a ‘jack of all trades’ kind of guy. An entrepreneur with a heart to serve others, Landon not only operates his own weather forecasting company, he is also known in the speaking and coaching world, along with his teammate, Jim Green. Together, they operate Building Bridges 4 Life, an company based around the sole concept of personal growth & development. Landon currently lives with his wife, Andrea, and their three dogs, Barclay, Gonzo & Piper. Andrea is a Flight Nurse with Air Evac Lifeteam in Bowling Green, KY, where they currently reside.

Jessica Balsley

Hi, I’m Jessica Balsley. Founder and President at the Art of Education. Several years ago as an art teacher working towards my Master’s Degree I began a search for a university with courses designed for art teachers, but came up short.

Like so many art teachers, I struggled to find classes that were relevant, practical, and would actually teach me something valuable to my career as an art educator!

This frustration led to the creation and development of The Art of Education. That year, my husband Derek and I set out on a mission to provide Ridiculously Relevant Professional Development™ to art teachers around the world. Since that time, and thanks to our loyal fans, The Art of Education has become the largest provider of professional development for art teachers in the world. Today, hundreds of thousands of individuals read our online magazine each month while thousands of art teachers attend our conferences and rely on our online graduate classes for license renewal, salary advancement, or to secure a Master’s Degree.

As art teachers, we all have to stick together. We’re not an afterthought – and we absolutely deserve the highest quality professional development available. The Art of Education exists to empower art teachers, to help them thrive in their profession and succeed in their careers.

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