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KyAEA Mini Grants - Fall 2017

Part of KyAEA's mission is to improve art education in our state. We award teachers and their students grants that will impact their teaching and learning. Any member of KyAEA is able to apply for an arts mini-grant. If your mini-grant application is approved, you will receive up to $250 toward your project.

How do I apply?

Download the Mini-Grant Application Form. This form needs to be completed and sent to Jennifer Billings. A review committee will evaluate your proposal and decide whether or not to award your project a grant.

What is the criteria for receiving a mini grant?

Applicants must be current KyAEA members. Projects / activities must impact a significant number of students or community members.

Is there a deadline?

Proposals are reviewed twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The number of approvals each year will be based on the current financial status of KyAEA. However, we will strive to award as many grants as financially feasible. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Funded projects must take place within one calendar year. Applications are currently being accepted for the Fall Mini-Grants. Grant applications will be reviewed in October 2017 and 2 Mini-Grants will be awarded.

Are there any limits?

There is a funding limit to a maximum of $250, but keep in mind that awards are based on need. The review committee will decide what amount is appropriate to the project proposal. Members are limited to one award per year. (KyAEA's year runs October to October.)

Some suggestions:

Think carefully about the project. What is your goal? Who is benefiting from this project? Shop around. Make certain that the supplies or items you choose are the most cost efficient. Be sure to give all the details in you proposal. Tell us in what ways this will help the art students and your school. KyAEA wants to make an artistic impact in students' lives.

Mini Grant Application Form

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